The concept of Cell Symbiosis Therapy®

Cell Symbiosis Therapy® according to the principles of Dr. Heinrich Kremer traces the origins of chronic disease to the increasing impairment of cellular performance powered by mitochondrial function. Key factors include chronic inflammation, deficiencies in amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and/or polyphenols. Others may be industrial toxins such as heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, low immunity, chronic infections, stress or electrosmog. Digestive disorders play an important role, too, such as intestinal malabsorption or maldigestion. Gene mutations are a further possible driver.

an enlightened approach

The primary aim of Cell Symbiosis Therapy® is to regenerate mitochondrial function and structure. This activates aerobic energy generation, improving systemic organ and cellular performance as a result. It also aims to downregulate the cell division program if it has been overactivated, governed as it is by the genes of the archaea. CST terms this the redifferentiation program, targeted towards reactivating differentiated cell activity under mitochondrial control.